Arthur Alder as Hank Williams

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Customized shows
with the formation of your choice

Arthur Alder is available for solo, duet, band and big band bookings. Write about the event you are planning and we will provide the memorable, customized musical entertainment that will fit your event and budget.

Arthur Alder Solo Performance

The choice for a variety of events from parties, to hodowns to “chill music” by the pool with acoustic guitar or track accompaniment.

Arthur Alder Duet

Add a bass fiddle, piano, guitar or guest vocalist for an intimate acoustic or PA-powered country / western treat!

Arthur Alder C/W Band

The Country / Western classics with live band will make your corporate or private party sizzle like a steak right off the grill!

With his European roots, reminiscent of many of our original vocalists such as Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Bing Crosby, et cetera, Arthur presents the Timeless Classics with old world style and precision, from authentic wardrobe to the velvet voice. Arthur performs for every type of venue in any size of formation: solo to big band, lounge acts to fully orchestrated stage productions.